Industry viewpoint: Market has some areas for improvement

“We can look back on the first ten months of the new market with a sense of pride at what’s been achieved, but equally we need to remain focused on the issues that are limiting its success and on the practical measures that can be introduced to deliver improvements”

9 Feb. By Johanna Dow, chief executive, Business Stream.

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Industry viewpoint: Who is responsible for water efficiency?

“Many retailers are unaware of the importance of water efficiency”

12 Jan. By Jacob Tompkins, chief technology officer, The Water Retail Company.

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Industry viewpoint: Terms and conditions in the water retail market

“There is nothing standardised about offer documents across water retailers”

12 Jan. By Peter Sceats, founding director, Grand Union Water.

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Industry viewpoint: Data, data everywhere…

“We maintain an occupier and landlord database that allows us to look up very large numbers of addresses and confirm their status as vacant or occupied”

8 Dec. By Alex Fowler, managing director, DataReal.

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Industry viewpoint: Governing the market

“One important way we try to ensure that the market is accessible to all is by providing regular and transparent information about the market”

8 Dec. By Steve Arthur, market performance director, Market Operator Services Limited.

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Industry viewpoint: Customers must be incentivised to save water

“More needs to be done to address ­customer-side leakage”

8 Dec. By Lucy Darch, chief executive, Wave.

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Industry viewpoint: How to create success in the market

“It is vital that the market is delivering for all non-household customers – and not just the large, intensive water usage companies”

10 Nov. 2 min read. By Jo Mayes, director of customer operations, Business Stream.

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Industry viewpoint: SMEs need better service

“We want to see and hear more stories emerging of businesses that have encountered superb customer service”

10 Nov. By Evan Joanette, policy manager for competition and markets, Consumer Council for Water.

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Industry viewpoint: Is water efficiency being delivered?

“It isn’t clear how well water efficiency is being delivered”

13 Oct. By Aaron Burton, director of policy and innovation, Waterwise.

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Industry viewpoint: The role of TPIs is an important one

“TPIs can be key enablers in the nascent competitive market”

29 Sep. 2 min read. By Rachael Gladwin, director, The Utilities Intermediaries Association.

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Industry viewpoints: The sector needs a TPI code

The meaning of the word earnest is in some part “showing sincere and intense conviction”. Before the new competitive water market opened in England, there seemed to be a lack of any conviction to protect business and charity consumers from dishonest advisers. The energy sector is infamous for sharp practice among so-called advisers who are […]

15 Sep. 2 min read. By Peter Sceats, founding director, Grand Union Water.

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Industry viewpoint: Incentivise customers to use less water

“Water is an expensive commodity and unless we collectively learn to use it more carefully it will become more expensive as more is wasted”

18 Aug. 1 min read. By Simon Binks, managing director, Cost Centre Services.

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