Industry viewpoint: Data improvement is a real challenge

“I’d rather see MOSL or Ofwat in dialogue with wholesalers on their individual plans than taking a metrics-led, centralised approach. Those plans should take a long-term view of data stewardship”

20 Apr. By David Tyler, founding director, Brodick Consulting.

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Industry viewpoint: Positive impacts of competition are clear

“To get through this initial teething faster, we need to be clear around what will ‘self-correct’ and what won’t”

6 Apr. By Brian Ebdon, SME director, Water Plus.

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Industry viewpoint: A lot has been achieved in the first year

“At the end of August 2017, NWG Business and Anglian Water Business formed a joint venture called Wave. Our driver to pursue a joint venture is to achieve economies of scale in our operation, to deliver a lower average cost to serve and be more competitive”

6 Apr. By Lucy Darch, chief executive, Wave.

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Industry viewpoint: The first year – not all positive

“Here’s the challenge for all retailers and brokers as we head into year two: raising awareness and engagement among small and medium-sized businesses”

6 Apr. By Phil Marshall, deputy chief executive, Consumer Council for Water.

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Industry viewpoint: The barriers to new entrants

“One of the key barriers to new entrants remains the working capital and credit support requirements”

23 Mar. By Nish Dattani, managing director, First Business Water.

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Industry viewpoint: What makes a successful market?

“The successful market is down to the people and how all the trading parties have continued to work so closely together to move this market forward”

23 Mar. By Simon Bennett, head of wholesale services, Bristol Water.

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Industry viewpoint: An interesting first year

“There are still many retailers who are not actively embracing the broker channel to market”

23 Mar. By Chris Quinn, commercial water director, Kinect Energy Group.

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Industry viewpoint: SME engagement – a bleak picture

“Any work to improve awareness is clearly welcome and positive. But is it enough? Studies say we are motivated more by the avoidance of negative outcomes than the prospect of positive ones”

9 Mar. By David Tyler, founding director, Brodick Consulting.

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Industry viewpoint: Time to raise awareness of choice

“Retailers should be taking the lead by improving the ­visibility of their price and ­service ­offerings”

9 Mar. By Evan Joanette, policy manager for competition and markets, Consumer Council for Water.

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Expert view: Technology is crucial

“To thrive in this market, ­technology is crucial”

9 Mar. By Stuart Brand, sector lead water and central markets, CGI.

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Industry viewpoint: The market’s troubling conditions

“Who knew this modest form of a competitive market would reveal the truly appalling state of water billing in England?”

23 Feb. By Peter Sceats, founding director, Grand Union Water.

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Industry viewpoint: Retailers must play their part in water efficiency

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could tell your customers not only that you can reduce their water and energy bills, but that you’re actively working to avoid a day when their taps, toilets and showers don’t work?”

23 Feb. By Nicci Russell, Managing director, Waterwise.

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