The retail market must live up to its billing

“Time and again we encounter frustrated customers stuck in the middle of a retailer and wholesaler stand-off”

18 Jan. By Evan Joanette, policy manager (competition and markets), Consumer Council for Water.

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Water efficiency – achieving its true potential

“I believe that as retailers we have a key role to play in promoting the importance of water efficiency”

4 Dec. By Johanna Dow, chief executive, Business Stream.

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How to break into the water retail market

“We’ve found even the best laid plans don’t always work so we’ve maintained a pragmatic and agile approach in addressing problems we’ve faced”

26 Nov. By Stephen Black, managing director, Smarta Water.

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Industry viewpoint: Data drives the market

“We start in a relatively positive position, but we will still publish our data-improvement plan in October because we feel it’s the right thing to do for the market and it will keep challenging our team to be the best wholesaler”

19 Oct. By Simon Bennett, head of wholesale services, Bristol Water.

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Industry viewpoint: Complaints increase is disappointing

“One good quarter cannot mask the scale of the challenge”

19 Oct. By Evan Joanette, policy manager for competition and markets, Consumer Council for Water.

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Industry viewpoint: Insights from the first 18 months

“From an SME viewpoint they’re getting the same service they received before market opening, just with a different letterhead”

5 Oct. By Jacob Tompkins, chief technology officer, The Water Retail Company.

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Industry viewpoint: Retailers must do their bit on leakage

“It’s down to wholesalers to lead the charge by embracing innovative solutions to improve the detection of leaks”

21 Sep. By Phil Marshall, deputy chief executive, Consumer Council for Water.

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Industry viewpoint: Making the most of water efficiency

“There is clearly an unmet demand for water efficiency services in England and this benefit of retail competition has yet to be fully realised”

7 Sep. By Aaron Burton, director of policy and innovation, Waterwise.

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Industry viewpoint: Retailers need to sort out billing

“Ofwat needs to mandate that a percentage of the consumer’s annual bill is rebated without question if billing issues are not sorted in a certain time”

7 Sep. By Bee Barrett, general manager and director of bill validation, Grand Union Water.

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Industry viewpoint: Data improvement requires a shift in culture

“Raising data quality levels is a slow burn and requires an evolution in culture, as well as improving the systems, processes and training that underpin the day-to-day operations”

7 Sep. By David Tyler, founding director, Brodick Consulting.

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Industry viewpoint: Who’s in charge when disaster strikes?

“I’ve sat in NHS trust boardrooms opposite emergency planners who are open-mouthed at the potential risk that their 600-bed hospital could be without water”

24 Aug. By Sven Parris, senior sales and marketing director, Water Direct.

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