Water retailers fail to get business complaints down

Water retailers have failed to “turn the tide” on business complaints, which have remained high in the second year of the open market, the Consumer Council for Water has warned.

26 Feb.

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Nearly 8% of customer SPIDs have now switched

Almost 8 per cent of business water supply points have now switched retailer, according to the latest figures from the market operator MOSL.

15 Feb.

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Are we a step closer to a ‘water big six’?

Does Business Stream’s purchase of Yorkshire Water’s business customers pave the way for further consolidation in the market?

15 Feb.

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Almost two thirds of Water Plus complaints linked to wholesalers

Around 60 per cent of the complaints about Water Plus from non-household water customers relate to a wholesaler, chief executive Andy Hughes has insisted.

18 Jan.

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Ofwat insists credit arrangements must not breach competition law

Ofwat has insisted the costs of credit provided by wholesalers and borne by all retailers must not become a barrier to entry or stifle effective competition.

8 Jan.

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Government renews calls for retailers to engage SMEs

The government and Ofwat have renewed calls for water retailers to engage more with small and medium enterprise (SME) customers, to attract them into the market.

7 Jan.

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Complaints hit record high

Complaints in the non-household water retail market hit a record high during the second quarter of 2018/19.

11 Dec.

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Record number of water retail switches cancelled in Q2

A record 10,000 switches were cancelled during the past quarter of the market, more than in any other quarter.

15 Nov.

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Data watch: The market as it stood at August 2018

Water.Retail takes a look at some of MOSL’s data for the market to the end of August, and analyses what it means for the market

5 Oct.

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Data watch: Most switchers stick with their retailer

A chart from David Tyler, founding director of Brodick Consulting, shows most switchers have stuck with their existing retailer

21 Sep.

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Branding: Make your mark in the market

Water.Retail speaks to some of the retailers and asks them to explain the thinking behind their brand strategies.

21 Sep. 4 min read.

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Snapshot: Who is Olympos Water?

Olympos Water is a prospective new entrant retailer currently progressing through licensing and market entry assurance. The company’s aim is to enter the commercial water supply market towards the end of 2018.

24 Aug.

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